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CHEManager Europe 11/2012

Publishing Date: 22.11.2012

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Front Page

Improving the Capability to Sell
Driving and Managing Growth in Times of Uncertainty with an Integrated Sales Process
Interview with Dr. Sven Mandewirth, Camelot Management Consultants, and Dieter Hollmann, SABIC Europe

Markets & Companies 2-8

Improving Energy Efficiency
Cefic Looks into Europe´s Energy and Climate Future

Chemicals M&A Review
Chemical Companies are Continuing to Seek Opportunities for their Businesses

Call to Action
Vision 2030 Outlines Emerging Challenges and Highlights
Imperatives for the European Chemical Industry
Dr. Otto Schulz, Partner, Chemistry & Oil Practice, and Dr. Joachim von Hoyningen-Huene, Principal, Chemistry & Oil Practice, A.T. Kearney

The Lastest From SOCMA
The Status Quo

Quo Vadis Europe?
A Survey among European and Non-European Chemical/Petrochemical Companies Paints a Diverse Picture
Jon Evans, JE Science

Chinese Risk Management
Are Chinese Chemical Companies Actively Managing Their Risk?
Dr. Kai Pflug and Dr. Bernhard Hartmann, A.T. Kearney China

"Information -Tech" Chemicals
Chemical and Component Opportunities in Asia

Pharma 9-10

A Smart Target for Generics?
Orphan Drugs
Michael Glessner, Thomson Reuters

Pharma vs. The World
Big Pharma Caught Between Investors and the Public
Adefemi Adenuga and Dr. Ramya Kartikeyan, GlobalData

Biosimilars on Their Way into Global Biopharmaceuticals Market
Kevin McHugh, GBI Research

Production 11-14

Shale Gas Bonanza
While the U.S. is Embracing the Shale Gas Boom,
European Countries are Discussing the Safety of Fracking
Sean Milmo, freelance sciene and business journalist

A Price Tag of 1.2 Billion Euros
Licensing, Engineering and Supply Services for Major Fertilizer Complex in Algeria by ThyssenKrupp Uhde

Under Contstruction

German Engineering Contractors Have Risks Well Under Control
Dede Williams, freelance journalist

Higher Mass Transfer Performance
Improvement of Wettability of Plastic Packings During
the Operational Time
Dr. Ing. Nina Woicke, GEA 2H Water Technologies

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