Bachem and Jitsubo in Licensing Agreement

11.05.2020 -

Swiss CDMO Bachem has signed an exclusive licensing agreement to use the liquid phase peptide manufacturing technology Molecular Hiving developed by Japan’s Jitsubo. 

The latest agreement, which builds on previous collaborations between the two companies, covering active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and cosmetic peptides, calls for Jitsubo to develop selected manufacturing processes for Bachem.

The Swiss company with subsidiaries in the US, UK and Japan will further optimize, scale up and produce for commercial applications, and Jitsubo will receive development fees and royalties.

Bachem said it expects the implementation of Molecular Hiving to result in reduced manufacturing costs, improved sustainability, greener chemistry, efficient scale up and enhanced in-process controls.

Günther Loidl, chief technology officer of Bachem Holding, said Jitsubo’s technology complements his company’s s own extensive technology base and offers “unique capabilities in the area of solid phase, hybrid, and solution phase peptide chemistry.”

Jitsubo CEO Kazuaki Kanai said the licensing agreement, which will provide opportunities to deliver products to customers much faster and at greater scale.