Solvay Buys EPIC Polymers’ LFT Technology

14.10.2015 -

Belgian chemical producer Solvay has acquired the long-fiber thermoplastics (LFT) technology of Germany’s EPIC Polymers to complement its offering of high performance light-weighting materials for the automotive industry. The privately owned Kaiserslautern-based firm is a leading supplier of high strength thermoplastics, tribologically optimized thermoplastics and conductive thermoplastics. Its new technology enables the reinforcement of high performance thermoplastic polymers with long glass fibers to make semi-structural parts replacing metal components in automobile exteriors.

Solvay said the sophisticated materials, in demand from automakers aiming to reduce fuel consumption, offer superior mechanical and thermal properties, coupled with high impact resistance, strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures. In addition to PEEK and PAEK polymers, the company will use the LFT technology in its Amodel PPA and Ryton PPS portfolio of products as well as in its Technyl range of PA 6.6.

Solvay Specialty Polymers already manufactures products that can replace metal in such demanding automotive under-the-hood components as hot air ducts, powertrains, engine control units, oil and water modules and conduits. These will be complemented in future by the LFT-based products for exterior applications.