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Human Resources & Career

Agility Enables Employees to Act

22.01.2020 - Many companies want to become agile. But what are concrete benefits of agile work methods? What are necessary preconditions? And in what scenarios are they most beneficial? Andrea...

Strategy & Management

Agile Management in the Chemical Industry

06.12.2019 -

The consulting business has a new bandwagon: agility or agile management. Should the chemical industry jump on it or should we let it pass by?


Agility to Manage Carbon Holding Logistics

01.02.2019 - Global logistics provider Agility has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to manage logistics at Carbon Holdings’ industrial facilities in Egypt. The deal will include...


Agility Opens Borouge Logistics Hub in Shanghai

15.06.2010 - Agility, a global logistics provider, has announced the opening of the Shanghai Logistics Hub. As one of the biggest facilities of its kind in China to date, the 66,000 m2 hub will...