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Biogen Alzheimer’s Drug Accepted for EMA PRIME

03.06.2016 - Biogen’s investigational treatment for early Alzheimer’s disease (AD), aducanumab, has been accepted into the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) PRIority MEdicines (PRIME) program...

Strategy & Management

The Art of the Alliance

04.04.2016 - Alliances between big pharma and scientists, hospitals and biotech firms are common practice in the health-care business. About half of today’s top-selling drugs are the result of...

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Modified Peptides

07.10.2015 -

The folded structure of a protein defines its interactions with other molecules. Selective binding ligands could be, e.g., other proteins or peptides. A natural protein...

Strategy & Management

Discovering the Future of Pharma

30.09.2014 - Dramatic changes to the scientific and business environments have made it impossible for pharmaceutical companies to continue operating as they have in the past. A perceived...