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Chemistry & Life Sciences

Polymers for Fuel Cells and Fuel-Cell Systems

31.01.2014 - Electric Avenues - Vehicles with an electric drive train are considered a real option for future mobility. For long-distance driving, many carmakers are reconsidering fuel cells...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Making Cars 'Greener' with Plastics

31.01.2014 -

More Plastics, Less CO2 - Plastics are playing a pivotal role in the development of "green" vehicles. This is evident, for example, in a lightweight front-end carrier...


Bayer's Plastics Chief Sees Room to Raise Prices

10.05.2013 - Bayer suggested there was room to lift prices at its high-tech plastics and chemicals business this year to counter soaring raw material costs that squeezed first quarter margins...


Lanxess Central Eastern Europe Sees Sales Increase by 40%

28.03.2013 - Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has not one but two reasons to celebrate. First, Lanxess Central Eastern Europe based in the Slovakian capital Bratislava has now been in...


Lanxess Sees Earnings Slump as Tire Market Weakens

21.03.2013 - Lanxess, the world's largest synthetic-rubber maker, has warned of a sharp drop in earnings in the first quarter, joining the list of auto suppliers to take a hit from anaemic...


Key Maker of Auto Resin May Be Out until Winter

18.04.2012 - As auto companies and their suppliers met in suburban Detroit to discuss options amid a shortage of a key resin that threatens global auto production, owners of the German chemical...