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Research / Laboratory

Temperature Control in Basic Medical Research


The temperature control of samples and cultures while maintaining the temperature range is one of the routine tasks of basic medical research.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Sustainable Synthesis of Biochemicals

25.05.2021 -

When Circa was founded in 2006, the company’s aim was to convert non-food cellulose into high-performance, renewable chemicals, at scale — extracting value from waste...


Bachem: Anne-Kathrin Stoller to assume CMO position as of 2018

04.12.2017 -

Swiss biochemicals company Bachem announced that Dr. Anne-Kathrin Stoller will succeed Dr. José de Chastonay as Chief Marketing Officer of the organization on January 1...


Reverdia and Xinhuarun to Develop Bio-based PU Foams

14.10.2016 - Dutch biochemicals specialist Reverdia has signed an agreement with China’s Dezhou Xinhuarun Technology to jointly develop and promote microcellular PU foams based on bio-succinic...

Chemicals & Distribution

Umicore Develops Catalyst within EuroBioRef Project

- The EuroBioRef project (European Multilevel Integrated Biorefinery Design for Sustainable Biomass Processing) was a four year project coordinated by CNRS, France. Launched on March...


Novozymes Develops Fungus to Produce Biochemicals

17.08.2012 - Novozymes has developed a fungus that enables production of malic acid from renewable raw materials instead of oil. Malic acid is used as a flavor enhancer in the food industry and...


Sigma-Aldrich Acquires Research Organics

18.04.2012 - Sigma-Aldrich announced on April 2nd it has acquired all outstanding shares of Cleveland, Ohio-based, Research Organics, to expand the Company's buffer production capacity and to...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Bioplastics, Bioenergy and Biofuels in Global Land Use

07.03.2012 - Competing for Land - The way we use our land is changing. As the world's population increases and greater pressure is put on global resources, we need to think carefully about how...