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Chemistry & Life Sciences

Dottikon, Büchi and Systag: Faster Scale-up to Production

05.03.2014 - Better Together - Systag, Büchi Glas, and Dottikon, all of Swiss origin and each consistently pursuing a one-site strategy, unify 220 years of corporate scale-up experience from...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Helsinn Reaps Benefits of Cytotoxic Molecule Demand

16.01.2014 - Strong Start - After beginning its investment in a brand-new cytotoxic molecule facility in Biasca, Switzerland, in 2011, Helsinn started production in July 2012. Now one and a...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

REACH and Chemical Distributors

16.12.2013 - Every Player Counts - By now, everyone in the chemical industry is aware of REACH and in the best-case scenarios, every player knows what is expected of them under the law. But it...


Bjørn Lomborg on the Give and Take in Greenhouse Gas Reduction

13.12.2013 - Bjørn Lomborg might not be a household name in the chemical industry, but the mention of his name in environmental activist circles seems to provoke one of two reactions: adoration...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Ashland’s Jeff Wolff on the Importance of Innovation

24.10.2013 - Transfomer - It was one of the biggest headlines of 2011 - Ashland Closes ISP Acquisition For $3.2 Billion.When the Kentucky-based specialty chemicals company wrapped up the deal...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Dottikon Celebrates 100 Years of Transformation

14.10.2013 - Big Bang Beginning - In its 100-year existence, Swiss fine chemical company Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis (Dottikon) has transformed itself from a company specialized in explosives...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Chemical Distributor’s New Normal

23.09.2013 - Great Expectations - Long gone are the days where the standard chemical distributor's job was to take products from one place to the next. In the modern supply chain, distributors...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Addivant Bridges The Gap

19.09.2013 - After SK Capital Partners wrapped up its acquisition of Chemtura's Antioxidant and UV Stabilizer business in May, the newly formed company, Addivant - a name uniquely chosen by the...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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