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Shell Invests Billions in Sustainability

21.07.2022 -

Shell Chemicals has announced it will earmark “billions of euros” from its current capital spending budget to make production assets more sustainable as it works to...

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The Middle East – More Opportunities than Risks

25.11.2017 - The Middle East chemical industry makes good money selling basic chemicals and uses local oil and gas in manufacturing. Hopes are high that the many major investments made by the...


Rail Glitch Hits German Chemical Shipments

28.08.2017 - Delivery of chemical products by rail from north to south through Germany is currently being hampered by the closure of the Rhine Valley Railway line, and this is creating supply...

Markets & Companies

Overcoming USA Sales Resistance

28.10.2015 - It is estimated that more than 60% of German companies attempting USA market penetration, subsequently fail and withdraw from the market. Europeans often incorrectly attribute this...

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Poised For Growth

04.09.2015 - Chemistry: it’s in everything and it’s everywhere. In fact, nearly all manufactured goods are directly touched by chemistry, either as a material, in processing, or in some other...


Huntsman to Restructure Textile Effects Business in Switzerland

27.09.2011 - Huntsman, a maker of chemical products, said Tuesday it plans to implement a restructuring at its Textile Effects division, including the possible closure of its production...