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Chemours Invests in Ion Exchange Materials

16.01.2023 -

US specialty chemicals and materials company Chemours will spend $200 million to increase capacity for its Nafion ion exchange membranes at its site in Villers-Saint-Paul...


US Chemical Producers Sue EPA over new PFAS Limits

24.08.2022 -

American Chemistry Council (ACC), the industry association representing US chemical producers, is suing the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over its Lifetime...


Chemours Expands Refrigerant Capacity

03.08.2022 -

Chemours is expanding capacity for its Opteon YF refrigerants to meet customer demand. The Delaware-headquartered US group described the $80 million project at Corpus...


Chemours Considers Ionomers Expansion

01.06.2022 -

Chemours, the former DuPont chemicals business, is looking at investing in additional ionomers capacity to support growing demand into water electrolysis and fuel cell...

Contamination Control

Meeting All the Demands of Disinfecting

The Chemours Company -

The demands on disinfectants are significantly elevated compared to a few decades ago. The entire process of development—from the labs to the end-user—creates a network...


Meeting All the Demands of Disinfecting—On, Beneath, and High Above the Surface

01.05.2022 -

A few generations back, the widely accepted concept of “clean” equated to “not dirty.”


Chemours Mulls Sale of Mining Solutions

26.03.2021 -

Chemours has started a strategic review to assess the potential sale of its Mining Solutions business. The company has retained New York-based financial advisor Gordon...


Chemours Splits Fluoroproducts Division

17.02.2021 -

US chemical company Chemours announced on Feb. 11 that it had split its Fluoroproducts segment into two distinct businesses during the fourth quarter of 2020.