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COP26: Solar Impulse Foundation Ready to Present 1,000+ Solutions

29.10.2021 -

Ahead of the start of negotiations at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, the Solar Impulse Foundation led by clean technology pioneer Bertrand Piccard offers...

Strategy & Management

Combating Climate Change with a Pioneering Spirit

08.07.2021 -

Bertrand Piccard is considered a pioneer in looking at the environment from an economic point of view and has been promoting renewable energy and clean technologies for...


BASF Hosts Climate Summit of the Chemical Industry

19.07.2019 - Representatives from 20 international chemical companies, including scientific experts and chief technology officers, attended a collaborative innovation workshop yesterday at BASF...


BASF Shifts R&D Focus

29.07.2013 - Technology - After announcing the framework of a new R&D strategy in the spring of last year, BASF is beginning to reveal in detail just how it is affecting its research operations...


Chemistry is Key

14.12.2012 - Before the opening of COP-18 on November 26, if you'd asked anyone -- an environmentalist, an industrialist, the proverbial man or woman on the street -- what they thought what the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Solutions for Global Megatrends

09.12.2011 - Is it possible to strike a balance between megatrends like climate protection and rising global mobility? What possibilities do plastics offer for increasing the range of electric...

Strategy & Management

CCS Solutions

27.01.2010 - Future Technology - The long-lasting resources of coal and the worldwide growing energy demand suggest that coal will continue to play an important role in the world's energy...