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Crisis Response for Manufacturing Teams in the Process Industry

23.07.2020 -

The strongest and richest form of human communication is face-to-face. Until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, most people took this form of communication for granted.

Strategy & Management

The Art of the Alliance

04.04.2016 - Alliances between big pharma and scientists, hospitals and biotech firms are common practice in the health-care business. About half of today’s top-selling drugs are the result of...

Research & Innovation

Smart Glasses Driven by Enterprise Applications

21.01.2016 - Smart glasses, once exemplified by the original but failed Google Glass, are seeing a resurgence, but are now driven by enterprise rather than consumer applications. Other rivals...


Social Media in Pharmaceutical Companies

21.11.2012 - Getting in Touch - Big, diverse and powerful, social networks have transformed the way we communicate. With four out of five Internet users actively using social media, industries...

Strategy & Management

Sustainability Day by Day

06.10.2010 - Today, sustainability is a key strategic issue for companies, in B2B and consumer markets alike, and as a result, senior executives are naturally anxious to ensure they have the...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Safety Included

27.01.2010 - Plants with fieldbus and hazardous areas are well prepared for functional safety applications. The fieldbus infrastructure is used concurrently by the devices for safety-integrated...