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Plant Construction & Process Technology

Pharma 4.0

23.10.2018 - The four evolutionary stages of manufacturing have brought us to Pharma 4.0. The first stage comprised the implementation of steam power to mechanization. The second involved mass...

Strategy & Management

Chemicals 4.0 — Bringing the Industry to the Next Level

04.04.2016 -

Industry 4.0 sparks intensive discussions within the chemical industry. The question is whether this is really new or just a fancy label for some well-known practices.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Power Of Innovation

06.06.2014 -

Process-Automation Trends - Achieving safe, reliable, profitable operations and networking with fellow users, industry and business leaders, system integrators, and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Breakthrough to Excellence

09.03.2014 -

Emerson Process Management brings with its "Global Users Exchange" again leading representatives of the industry and process automation technology together to share...