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Agilent Contracts Turner for Frederick API Project

15.02.2023 -

Agilent Technologies has selected Turner Construction to build its previously announced new API plant in Frederick, Colorado, USA. The project is scheduled for completion...


Lonza and Touchlight Collaborate on DNA

08.09.2022 -

Lonza has entered into a collaboration with Touchlight, a biotechnology company with patented technology for producing enzymatic DNA. The enzymatic manufacturing process...

Strategy & Management

Innovative Companies Have to Deal with Risks

27.09.2017 - Pharma Waldhof is active in the development and commercialization of active substances, key intermediates and reagents for multiple applications in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics...


Ginkgo Bioworks Buys Synthetic DNA Firm Gen9

02.02.2017 - US biotech firm Ginkgo Bioworks has acquired Gen9, a provider of synthetic DNA, for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition, said Ginkgo, will bring Gen9’s expertise in assembling...


Judge in New York Dismisses Human Gene Patent

30.03.2010 - Two human genes associated with breast and ovarian cancers cannot be patented because they are a product of nature, a federal judge ruled on Monday. The American Civil Liberties...

Research & Innovation

UK Scientists Find Cheap, Fast Gene Test Method

16.02.2010 - British scientists say they have developed a way of pinpointing variations in a person's genetic code using a chemical test on saliva, meaning quick, cheap DNA tests for risks of...