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Pharma CEOs Take Action on Climate Change

08.11.2022 -

The CEOs of seven multinational pharmaceutical companies have announced that they are taking joint action to achieve near-term emissions reduction targets and accelerate...


New US Law Spells Changes for Drugs and Emissions

17.08.2022 -

Both houses of the US Congress have passed the White House’s $430 billion bill, which could decisively shape issues as diverse as pharmaceutical pricing and greenhouse...


US Supreme Court Challenges EPA Role in Climate Rules

01.07.2022 -

The mission of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under US president Joe Biden for the past 18 months has been to restore some of the Obama era anti-pollution...

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2017 Through the Rear-view Mirror

10.01.2018 - Mergers and acquisitions, new petrochemical projects, the dismantling of US environmental regulations and a tussle over the hazards of pesticides in Europe, along with a protracted...


China‘s ETS Program to Focus on Energy

22.12.2017 - China has announced that the first phase of its long-awaited nationwide carbon emission trading scheme (ETS), expected to be the largest of its type worldwide, will focus initially...


Paris Accord May be Derailed by Cheats

10.08.2017 - US President Donald Trump’s announcement of the American withdrawal from the Paris Accord is not the only threat to achieving the ambitious targets of the climate agreement and may...


US Officially Announces Paris Accord Exit

07.08.2017 - The US officially informed the United Nations on Aug. 4 that it will withdraw from the Paris Accord. However, it said it would continue to participate in the UN’s climate change...


Aging Plants Come Under Scrutiny

19.07.2017 - Aging oil and petrochemical facilities are coming under increased public and regulatory scrutiny in the wake of recent incidents or suspected environmental violations. In Scotland...