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BASF Plans Major Cutbacks at Ludwigshafen

27.02.2023 -

Major changes are in store for BASF, as the world’s largest chemical producer comes to grips with severe pressure on profits from soaring energy prices.

Markets & Companies

EU Energy and Supply: What Will Happen Next?

26.10.2022 -

The European Commission proposed last month an emergency intervention in Europe’s energy markets to address recent dramatic price rises as the EU faces the effects of a...


Shell CEO Criticized for Sticking to BG Deal

30.10.2015 - Shell has said it will proceed with plans to buy the BG Group, its largest-ever acquisition, despite the worsening outlook for energy prices that led the Dutch-based group to write...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Large Industrial Plant Manufacturing

25.03.2015 - The member companies of the German Large Industrial Plant Manufacturers Group (AGAB) booked orders valued at €19.6 billion in 2014, a 11% decline compared to the previous year....

Markets & Companies

With Oil Prices Down, Energy Companies Need to Adopt a 'Cost Culture'

12.02.2015 - With the recent fall-off in oil prices, companies in virtually all sectors of the oil, gas and chemicals (OGC) industry worldwide are going to have to plan and manage their...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemical Distributors: Fit For The Future?

06.05.2014 - Beyond This Year's Growth - Major chemical markets are heading for further improvement this year, according to the latest global business update from the German chemical industry...


U.S. Shale Gas Revolution Throws Down the Gauntlet to Europe

04.02.2013 - The United States is enjoying an energy bonanza thanks to shale gas, making it a magnet for industry, reducing import dependence and challenging Europe as it battles to dig itself...