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Strategy & Management

Patent Protection on Artificial Intelligence?

30.08.2022 -

Artificial intelligence is not an inventor, the European Patent Office ruled - but AI-generated inventions are patentable.

Strategy & Management

Unified Patent System for Europe

27.01.2022 -

Innovation protection with the EU Unitary Patent will be more uniform and less costly, but it also carries risks.

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Germany’s Chemical Industry: Steeled for Competition

24.11.2017 - Germany is known for its rigorous environmental standards, its obsession with renewable energy, and high labor cost. Yet Germany’s chemical industry continues to be number one in...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Biggest Side-Effect of Making Medicine

07.10.2015 - International intellectual property regulations are doing serious damage to the pharmaceutical industry and, by extension, to the health of people around the world. The core of the...


Painful Birth for Europe's New One-Stop Patent

30.08.2012 - That Europe needs a common patent is patently obvious to Michael Setton, who runs a tiny technology firm in France making wireless sensors that track environmental and biomedical...