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Chemistry & Life Sciences

Polymers for Fuel Cells and Fuel-Cell Systems

31.01.2014 - Electric Avenues - Vehicles with an electric drive train are considered a real option for future mobility. For long-distance driving, many carmakers are reconsidering fuel cells...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Making Cars 'Greener' with Plastics

31.01.2014 -

More Plastics, Less CO2 - Plastics are playing a pivotal role in the development of "green" vehicles. This is evident, for example, in a lightweight front-end carrier...


Johnson Matthey Climbs On Higher Car, Truck Production

21.11.2013 - Johnson Matthey, the world's largest maker of catalysts to control car emissions, posted a 13% rise in first-half profit, helped by increased global production of cars and trucks...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Material Innovations Steer the Drive for more sustainable products

10.10.2013 - Corporations Get a Push from Plastics - For global material companies such as Styron, R&D departments have become increasingly important to enhance our customers' sustainability...