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Albaugh Acquires Corteva’s Glyphosate Business

20.03.2023 -

US agrochemicals company Albaugh has acquired DuPont spinoff Corteva Agriscience’s straight-goods glyphosate business for an undisclosed sum. The deal is for intangible...


EU Renews Glyphosate License for One Year

06.12.2022 -

The European Commission has provisionally renewed the license of the herbicide active ingredient glyphosate until the end of 2023. Earlier this year, the EU governing...


CDC Study Finds Glyphosate in most Urine Samples

15.07.2022 -

Glyphosate and the former Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup have returned to the headlines following last month’s publication of a 2013-2014 study by the US Centers for...


US Supreme Court Won’t Hear Bayer’s Roundup Petition

23.06.2022 -

After months of anticipation, the US Supreme Court has deflated Bayer’s hopes that the court’s conservative majority would vote to hear its appeal to overturn a $25...


Bayer Wins Fourth Roundup Appeal as EPA Zooms in

21.06.2022 -

Bayer has won its fourth consecutive appeal of a US court case previously decided in favor of a plaintiff who claimed that Monsanto’s glyphosate-based Roundup herbicide...


Bayer Glyphosate FM Rattles Agrochemical Markets

15.02.2022 -

The agrochemicals market has seen intermittent supply shortages for key herbicide ingredients for several months, and a herbicide shortfall had been predicted for the...


New Rules for Glyphosate Use Near in Germany

23.07.2021 -

New wide-sweeping restrictions on the use of glyphosate, active ingredient in herbicides such as the Monsanto-developed Roundup and the subject of thousands of lawsuits...


Mexican Glyphosate Case Hangs over Bayer

14.05.2021 -

A Mexican court has reversed a ruling that favored Bayer in a legal challenge brought by the German pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals group against Mexico’s plan to ban...