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White Paper: Safety in the Laboratory

18.11.2022 -

Anyone working in a laboratory must familiarize themselves with rules and precautions for working safely. In day-to-day laboratory work, it is often not easy to keep...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Handling Dangerous Substances: IT as a Safety Factor

23.02.2022 -

If toxic materials escape in an uncontrolled manner, they may cause an explosion or a fire.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Flexibility and Safety in the Chemical Industry

25.11.2020 -

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are genuine transport and storage all-rounders with a variety of different uses in many different industries.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Rail Cargo: Back to the future

10.05.2019 - An intelligent enterprise is, as we know, data and process driven. The data feeds intelligence which in turn feeds process automation and innovation. This implies that the...

Markets & Companies

Hazardous Chemicals in Circular Economy

11.04.2019 - The concept of circular economy has long been a staple in the vocabulary of anyone who wants to come across as at least somewhat progressive. Today, circular economy is more than...

Strategy & Management

More Than Energy

19.08.2016 - The GETEC Group, which was founded in 1993, now combines six subsidiaries including their shareholdings under the roof of the group’s parent company. One of them, GETEC Heat &...


Greenpeace Slams Revised US Chemicals Act

01.06.2016 - Environmental advocacy organization Greenpeace has criticized the new Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) passed by the US House of Representatives as “the weakest of all US...


Dottikon Boosts Swiss API Capacities

15.03.2016 - Swiss fine chemical company Dottikon is investing more than 100 million Swiss francs ($101 million) at its site in Aargau to add chemical process development and production...