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US Ratifies Kigali Amendment to Montreal Protocol

26.10.2022 -

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced additional actions to phase down the use of ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), lending a boost to...


Honeywell in Refrigerant Deal With Juhua

11.04.2016 - Honeywell has signed a multi-year agreement with China’s Juhua Group for the supply of its refrigerant Solstice yf. Under the terms of the deal, Juhua will make Solstice yf in...


EPA Proposes to Replace and Reduce Greenhouse Gases

11.07.2014 - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to prohibit the use of certain chemicals that it said "significantly contribute to climate change," where safer, more...


Greenhouse Gases Levels At Record, Accelerating

23.11.2011 - Greenhouse gases that cause climate change have reached record levels in the atmosphere and show no sign of receding, despite global awareness of the need to switch to alternative...


U.N.: Beware Climate Change Risk from Man-Made Gases

21.11.2011 - Soaring use of man-made gases used in refrigerators, air conditioners and fire extinguishers risks speeding up global warming and industry should adopt alternatives, a U.N. report...