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GSK Prunes Ties with US Biotech Vir

20.02.2023 -

GSK is pruning its cooperation with Vir Biotechnology, turning away from Covid-19 antibody and vaccine research projects while continuing to collaborate with the company...


Resilience and Mubadala in Biopharma Venture

17.01.2023 -

US biopharma manufacturing and technology company National Resilience has entered into an agreement with Abu Dhabi investor Mubadala Investment Company to build a...


Novartis Pledges to Fight Tropical Diseases and Malaria

28.06.2022 -

Swiss drugmaker Novartis has made a five-year financial commitment of $250 million to fight neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and malaria.

Research & Innovation

Expert Webinar: Accelerating Drug Commercialization

24.03.2020 -

New therapies to address unmet and emerging medical needs are being discovered at an explosive rate, building on rapid advances in molecular biology and genetics.


GSK Outlines Pipeline for Next 10 Years

06.11.2015 - GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is expecting to file 20 new drugs by 2020, with another 20 to follow in the following five years. In a presentation to investors in New York, CEO Andrew Witty...


Pfizer Takes its Shot at a Vaccine for Evasive Superbug

23.05.2013 - Kathrin Jansen is a microbiologist with at least two breakthrough vaccines to her name: she brought the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil to market for Merck and helped develop the...


U.S. Government Taps GlaxoSmithKline for New Antibiotic

22.05.2013 - The U.S. government has signed an antibiotics development deal worth up to $200 million with GlaxoSmithKline to tackle the dual threats of drug resistance and bioterrorism. The...


Revived Search for a TB Vaccine May Be About to Pay Off

01.02.2013 - After nearly 100 years, researchers could be on the verge of finding a vaccine that would eradicate tuberculosis infections, a scourge that kills 1.4 million people a year. Global...