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Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Future of Biopharma

14.09.2021 -

Porsche Consulting presents a vision of a high-end smart biopharmaceutical production unit and a corresponding operating model.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Lean Revolution

11.04.2013 - Plant Design and Construction - Lean Manufacturing principles have transformed product quality, efficiency and business agility in the volume manufacturing sectors such as the...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Supply chain management organisations developing towards a coordinated network model

25.09.2012 - The rise of new markets throughout the world means that all globally active companies must continuously adapt to the developing changes. Ultimately, change never comes to an end...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Porsche Consulting on Lessons from the Auto Industry

11.05.2011 - Going Lean - The pharmaceutical industry is subject to very special requirements: strict approval procedures, rising cost pressures in the healthcare industry and lost sales due to...