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Logistics & Supply Chain

Green Hydrogen Is the Way out of the Energy Crisis

01.10.2022 -

Green hydrogen is experiencing an enormous upswing in the current energy crisis. The increased demand will be difficult to meet on a local level. So, right on time, the...

Strategy & Management

How China’s Supply Chain Issues Affect the Global Chemical Industry

02.06.2022 -

Currently, China’s chemical production and export is affected by unprecedented restrictions, mainly but not exclusively as a consequence of strict anti-Covid policies...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Successful Large-Scale SCE Projects

18.05.2022 -

Large-scale projects in pharmaceutical logistics are complex, long-term and investment-intensive projects that can only be successfully implemented with an assertive and...

Logistics & Supply Chain

How to Make Supply Chains Resilient

16.05.2022 -

When the pandemic was pounding at their doors, many industries were rattled. Healthcare and chemicals were adapting rather successfully to the new normal, as a McKinsey &...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Solving the Riddle of Supply Chain Visibility

16.05.2022 -

Supply chain visibility (SCV) seems to be on everyone’s agenda right now. However, when talking to companies, it quickly becomes clear that everyone has a different...

Logistics & Supply Chain

GEFO invests €400 million

11.05.2022 -

The shipping company Gefo is building a range of new specialized tankers at shipyards in China, Turkey, Romania and the Netherlands.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Handling Dangerous Substances: IT as a Safety Factor

23.02.2022 -

If toxic materials escape in an uncontrolled manner, they may cause an explosion or a fire.

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Port of Antwerp Brings Global Chemistry Together

26.11.2021 -

Antwerp is the home port of the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. It is the place for entering into partnerships throughout the chain and even across sectors...