Keyword: Machine Learning

Strategy & Management

Generative AI in Chromatographic Analysis

19.03.2024 -

Generative AI can impact the field of chromatography in various innovative ways. However, great care needs to be taken to validate any use of this emerging technology...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Digital Twin Meets General Cargo Logistics

18.03.2024 -

The logistics industry urgently needs digital transformation to ensure quality and to tackle challenges such as the shortage of skilled workers and sustainability.

Research & Innovation

Accelerate Chemical and Material Development

12.12.2023 -

Process manufacturing companies waste almost $100 billion globally every year while formulating novel materials and chemicals due to the trial-and-error approach to R&D...

Research & Innovation

Accelerating Chemicals Innovation

11.12.2023 -

The Spanish computational chemistry start-up Nextmol (Bytelab Solutions), a spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS)...

Research & Innovation

Making Lab Automation Actually Work

11.12.2023 -

Manual experiment monitoring and data capture is still the status quo in most biotech and pharma labs, compromising efficiency and project timescales. But there is a...


BioNTech to Acquire all of InstaDeep

16.01.2023 -

As it continues to leverage earnings from its top-selling mRNA-based Covid vaccine to deepen its existing knowhow, Mainz, Germany-based BioNtech has announced plans to...

Strategy & Management

Digital Molecular Design

07.12.2021 -

Computer-driven molecular design, with its ability to generate massive quantities of simulated data, facilitates entry into new frontiers of chemical discovery for...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Advance with Intelligence

14.09.2021 -

By fully realizing the potential of data-driven analysis and machine learning, chemical producers can maximize plant uptime and optimize process efficiency.