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Strategy & Management

Radical Lead Time Reduction (RLTR)

27.06.2018 -

Investments in large production facilities, like chemical plants, are risky and time-consuming. Pure construction times often take 2 to 4 years not even taking front-end...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Tailored Solutions

30.04.2018 - Stocking chemicals and pharmaceuticals and moving them from A to B is a complex task. Handling dangerous goods and sensitive active ingredients is highly regulated with regard to...

Logistics & Supply Chain

The Road to Success

30.04.2018 -

Growing complexity, with a strong focus on digitalization and connectivity as megatrends for the whole industry, dictates the business world.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Technology vs. Execution Expertise

23.03.2015 - The chemical industry is a booming sector for industrial plant manufacturers. Among other things, the shale gas bonanza in the US is inundating European and especially German...