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Markets & Companies

Biohybrid Chemistry Cluster

28.10.2015 - Since the discovery of large oil reserves in the late 1850s, Ontario’s chemical industry has steadily grown, turning the province into a global hub for the petrochemical industry...

Markets & Companies

How 20 Years Have Transformed the Chemical Industry

06.05.2015 - For the second consecutive year, the Boston Consulting Group has conducted a total shareholder return (TSR) analysis of the chemical industry. The top 10 chemical companies have...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Power Of Innovation

06.06.2014 -

Process-Automation Trends - Achieving safe, reliable, profitable operations and networking with fellow users, industry and business leaders, system integrators, and...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Sustainability in chemical supply chains

07.05.2014 - Growing Green - The ongoing sustainability movement has become a hot topic in the business world and within broader society. Issues such as renewable resources, waste management...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Green Chemistry Metrics for the Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Related Industries

06.03.2014 - At The Source - Waste has been an issue in the chemical industry for many years, but the approach to waste has changed significantly over that period. Twenty-five to 30 years ago...


Oman Oil Executive Juma Al Hinai Goes On Trial On Bribery Charges

18.11.2013 - A senior official at a state-run Omani oil company went on trial on Thursday on charges of taking a bribe, in a case closely watched in the Gulf Sultanate, which has pledged to...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Enhanced Oil Recovery Chemicals Market Trends

04.10.2013 - Maximizing Oil Fields' Output - Oil producers have resorted to innovative techniques to retrieve trapped oil from rock, sandstone and other formations. In most cases, stimulation...


Marathon Oil Taps Exxon Mobil Executive as next CEO

13.06.2013 - Marathon Oil has tapped an Exxon Mobil executive to become its next CEO when Clarence Cazalot retires at the end of the year. Lee Tillman, Exxon Mobil's vice president of...

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