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Keyword: Pharma & Biotech 2019

Reserach & Innovation

The Importance of On-line Process Control

10.09.2019 - Modern therapies of different diseases very often utilize drugs derived from living cells. However, manufacturing of these biopharmaceutical products is a complex process. One of...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Live-Broadcasting of Bioprocesses

10.09.2019 - The quality specifications of biopharmaceuticals are enormous and require a long list of time-consuming analytics. A big disadvantage of these analytics so far was, that their...

Strategy & Management

Continuous Processing

10.09.2019 - Is it possible to learn from other industries or are we doomed to repeat the same mistakes in the pharma sector? Not long ago, I came across a Forbes article which described how...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Biotechnological Production of Rare Functional Sugar

09.09.2019 - Rare functional sugars provide huge market opportunities. The German company Jennewein Biotechnologie, headquarterd in Rheinbreitbach near Bonn, specializes in in the industrial...

Reserach & Innovation

Biomade Peptides

09.09.2019 - Peptides make up around 8% of all active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Those molecules are short polymers formed from the linking of ≤100 amino acids. They comprise some of...

Reserach & Innovation

Coupling Trends in Cultured Meat and Entomophagy

09.09.2019 - Meat produced from cell cultures (i.e., cultured meat) rather than whole animals may be a solution to the problems surrounding our current livestock production system, but it is...

Markets & Companies

Sustainable Chemical Supply Chains

09.09.2019 - The Together for Sustainability (TFS) initiative was launched in 2011 as a joint program of chemical companies for sustainable supply chains. Its goal is to develop and implement a...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Innovation in Pharma Manufacturing

03.09.2019 - Established in 2004 by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), the Facility of the Year Awards (FOYA) recognize innovation and creativity in manufacturing...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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