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Logistics & Supply Chain

System-integrated Production Logistics in Pharma Environment

07.11.2018 - Outsourcing the production supply? What still seems unthinkable for most pharmaceutical companies has long been actual fact in Marburg - and perhaps it will also be fact in other...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Tailored Solutions

30.04.2018 - Stocking chemicals and pharmaceuticals and moving them from A to B is a complex task. Handling dangerous goods and sensitive active ingredients is highly regulated with regard to...

Logistics & Supply Chain

The Road to Success

30.04.2018 -

Growing complexity, with a strong focus on digitalization and connectivity as megatrends for the whole industry, dictates the business world.

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Chemistry Works – at Every Level

21.11.2016 - More than 12,000 foreign companies have already chosen Hesse as the place to do business. A clear commitment to Europe’s most central location. Across all industries, employers...