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Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Time Has Come

10.05.2022 -

For many years, fine and specialty chemicals markets were on a robust growth path.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Think Big – Prove Small – Scale Fast

14.01.2021 -

Digital twin systems transform business by accelerating holistic understanding, optimal decision-making, and effective action.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Predictive Logistics Era is Happening Right Now

12.06.2020 -

Change is happening this very minute in the logistics industry. Why? Quite simply, because shippers are under enormous pressure from their customers to provide accurate...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Digitization in All Business Areas

22.02.2019 - Reorientation and tradition, transformation and experience, concentration and competence: How does a company manage change in times of digital transformation? M+W, a German...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Yokogawa Introduces “Profit-driven Operation”

10.10.2018 -

As digital transformation ensues to disrupt, transform and re-shape industries – the imperative to change for process industries is clear and very present.

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Intelligent Vertical Integration

31.01.2018 - Complete vertical integration to achieve consistent quality worldwide was the aim of Atotech, a global leader in the highly complex world of plating chemicals, equipment and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Right Time, Right Message

05.09.2017 - Evonik Industries is one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies. In one of its production plants in Singapore it produces oil additives and technologies for fuels and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Putting the ROI into IIoT

05.09.2017 -

Oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, life sciences and other manufacturing companies face ongoing pressures to achieve improved financial results.