Keyword: Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development


Petronas Cancels Malaysian Elastomers Project

19.04.2016 - Malaysian producer Petronas Chemicals Group (PCG) has announced it will not proceed with a proposed elastomers plant that was to be part of the Refinery and Petrochemicals...


Petronas Chemicals Buys RAPID Project Companies

04.11.2015 - Petronas Chemicals Group (PCG), part of Malaysia’s state-owned energy group Petronas, has acquired three companies that are participating in the Refinery and Petrochemicals...


Petronas In Talks With Oil Majors For Petchem Tie-Up

01.01.2012 - Petronas is in talks with several global oil majors including Shell and Exxon Mobil to develop petrochemical plants within its $20 billion refinery complex in southern Malaysia...