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40th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition

September 18 - 22, 2023 | The EU PVSEC is the world's leading forum for PV Research and Development and the biggest Conference on PV Solar Energy worldwide.

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Injecting Growth and Innovation

13.09.2019 - Abbvie takes over Allergan, Pfizer merges its generics business with Mylan, Takeda integrates Shire — the pharmaceutical industry is making a name for itself in 2019 with several...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Start-ups Accelerate Innovation

29.11.2018 -

Virtually all areas of our lives would be inconceivable without products that come directly or indirectly in contact with chemical production: It affects the modern...

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Venezuela: Plenty of Room for Improvement

25.11.2017 - Venezuela is one of the emerging pharmaceutical markets in South America, with a major dependence on imports. However, economic and political turmoil along with inefficient patent...

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Swiss Biotech Sector Stimulates Growth

25.11.2017 - For many years, Switzerland has held the top spot in the World Economic Forum (WEF) competitiveness index. Compared to other countries, Switzerland maintains relatively high levels...

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Fostering Innovation

25.11.2017 - In Brazil, the innovation dynamics is highlighted by the interdependency of agents representing industry, research institutions and government. The scientific research is...

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Trade and Industry Investment of the US Chemical Sector

25.11.2017 - The American chemical industry is a dynamic, forward-looking industry and a keystone of the domestic economy. One of the oldest industries in the United States, the US chemical...

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The Middle East – More Opportunities than Risks

25.11.2017 - The Middle East chemical industry makes good money selling basic chemicals and uses local oil and gas in manufacturing. Hopes are high that the many major investments made by the...