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Research & Innovation

Accelerating Chemicals Innovation

11.12.2023 -

The Spanish computational chemistry start-up Nextmol (Bytelab Solutions), a spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS)...

Research & Innovation

Making Lab Automation Actually Work

11.12.2023 -

Manual experiment monitoring and data capture is still the status quo in most biotech and pharma labs, compromising efficiency and project timescales. But there is a...


Elementis Plans New R&D Unit in Portugal

01.12.2023 -

UK’s Elementis, a global specialty chemicals company, will be opening a new unit in Portugal, featuring a center of excellence and R&D laboratory. The new unit, which...


EFPIA: New EU Rules May Rush Pharma Innovation Decline

08.11.2023 -

According to the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), a major revision of pharmaceutical regulations as proposed by the European...


DMC Opens New Lab in North Carolina

02.11.2023 -

DMC Biotechnologies announced a new 880 square meter (9,500 square foot) metabolic engineering and fermentation facility in North Carolina, to support a team of...


Solvay Expands China Research and Innovation Center in Shanghai

06.09.2023 -

With the inauguration of a new research building in the Shanghai Technology Park, Solvay has completed the expansion of its China Research & Innovation Center (R&I). The...

Webinar Series: The Future of Scientific Product Innovation and Manufacturing in the Life Sciences Industry

18.05.2020 - Achieve business excellence with end-to-end scientific collaboration platform for faster drug-to-market & agile medical device manufacturing. Join us for our webinar series to...

Research & Innovation

Expert Webinar: Efficient and Innovative Labs in the 21st Century

01.04.2020 - We probably can all agree that labs in the 21st century are not working anymore like in the past. Workflows are becoming more digital and connected, environments are harmonized and...