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Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Future of Biopharma

14.09.2021 -

Porsche Consulting presents a vision of a high-end smart biopharmaceutical production unit and a corresponding operating model.

Strategy & Management

The Need for Innovation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

08.04.2019 - The global pharmaceutical industry is evolving with the rising need for novel therapies in the changing disease landscape. As a result of rising prevalence of chronic infectious...

Strategy & Management

Bio On Demand

07.10.2015 - The ability to rapidly deploy manufacturing capacity will be a strategic asset of the pharmaceutical industry in the future. NNE Pharmaplan has developed the “Bio on demand”...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Where Cleanliness Becomes a Challenge

08.06.2015 - Requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturing are high. Rules for cleanliness are very strict. In addition, all processes have to be carefully documented and controlled. The...


Learning From The Cliff

12.06.2012 - Pharma Engineering - While the upheaval in the pharmaceutical industry has brought with it a lot of problems, one sector that is benefiting from the overhaul is pharma engineering...