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Keyword: Sustainability


CO2-Neutral Chemical Industry

17.03.2021 -

The European Chemical Industry has set out on an ambitious path to become carbon neutral. Germany, as one of the major chemical manufacturing nations, has committed to...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Sustainable Chemicals from Renewable Raw Materials

16.03.2021 -

Innovative Technology Enables Advantageous Oleochemistry Products


Lanxess Virtual Days EMEA


Join the live webinar series and get a deep insight into the newest developments from Lanxess' Business Units which will highlight innovative product solutions.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Chemical Industry

14.03.2021 -

Besides digitalization, sustainability and the circular economy are the key issues facing the chemical industry at present and in the com­ing decades.


Digital Transformation for Chemistry & Materials Innovation


Schrödinger Scientists will share a birds-eye view of how modern in-silico approaches are being used to solve challenging design problems and leveraging collective...


Ercros Launches Three-Dimensional Sustainability Strategy

11.02.2021 -

Spanish chemical company Ercros has launched a three-year strategic plan to improve its sustainability. The plan, which incorporates 20 projects, is based on three...


LyondellBasell Sets Out Sustainability Aims

02.10.2020 -

LyondellBasell has pledged to produce and market 2 million t/y of recycled and renewable-based polymers by 2030 as part of a range of new sustainability targets.

Strategy & Management

Into the Crucible: Will the European Chemicals Industry Rise to the Circularity Challenge?

30.09.2020 -

Chemicals are a critical, but often overlooked, factor of success for a circular economy. 96% of all products on European markets, from food to medical treatments, from...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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