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Biden Seeks to Protect Covid Funding in Debit Crisis

24.05.2023 -

The administration of US president Joe Biden is said to be wrangling with the Republican opposition in Congress to preserve funding for key components of the federal...


CDC Study Finds Glyphosate in most Urine Samples

15.07.2022 -

Glyphosate and the former Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup have returned to the headlines following last month’s publication of a 2013-2014 study by the US Centers for...


CDC Nods off on Covid Shot Boosters for Vulnerable

16.08.2021 -

As the delta variant of the coronavirus tears through the US, pushing both new and breakthrough infections higher, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has now come...


Amgen Gets Nod for New Cholesterol Drug

31.08.2015 - Amgen has won US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for Repatha, the second medicine in a new class of biologics recently greenlighted by the agency and claimed to reduce...


Actavis Hormonal IUD Wins FDA Approval

03.03.2015 - The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the hormonal intrauterine contraceptive (IUD) Lileta, which releases the hormone levonorgestrel to inhibit thickening of the womb...