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Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Supply Chain Dilemma

19.04.2022 -

Since the middle of the 1980s, the supply chain of many chemicals has moved east. This was primarily driven by cheaper production costs in China or India, due to lower...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

The Age of Sustainability

12.05.2021 -

In a nutshell, reaching sustainability has become a key aspect for chemical companies and adjacent businesses along the product chain with a high entry hurdle for...


HCS Group Plans Capacity Expansion at German Production Site

28.03.2017 - Haltermann Carless, a HCS Group brand and leading provider of high value specialty hydrocarbons continues to invest into its sites and technologies to broaden its offerings for...


Haltermann Reports Postive First 6 Months

29.02.2012 - Six months after Haltermann, previously a subsidiary of Dow, became an independent company, Haltermann's CEO, Dr. Uwe Nickel has expressed satisfaction with how business is...


Haltermann Sold to H.I.G Europe

18.10.2011 - Haltermann, a subsidiary of Dow, has been acquired by H.I.G. Europe, the European arm of H.I.G. Capital. The CEO of the new Haltermann is Dr. Uwe Nickel, formerly board member of...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Technical Marketing in the Chemical Industry

14.04.2011 - New Meaning - The transformation of the chemical industry into a market-oriented sector has changed the meaning of technical marketing. Today technical marketing has a leverage...