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Ecorich Solutions – Turning waste into food

18.03.2024 -

African start-up Ecorich Solutions uses an innovative technology called “the Wastebot decomposer machine” to convert organic waste into organic fertilizer. The process...


AkzoNobel to Explore Use of Waste as Feedstock

26.11.2014 - AkzoNobel and a number of other Dutch partners from industry, along with government-linked organizations, have entered an R&D partnership with Enerkem, a Canadian firm...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemistry is ... In the Name of Sustainability

06.06.2014 - Controversy And Competition - The Soccer World Cup from June 12 to July 13 in Brazil will captivate millions of people. However, such a big event is not without controversy...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

VinylPlus’ Quest For Sustainability

24.10.2013 - United Industry - Twenty years ago, it was hard to imagine that increasing concerns about the way PVC was produced would trigger such a radical industry transformation. In its...


Hong Kong Science Park Plans $643 Million Green Tech Hub

06.12.2011 - Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks, which caters mostly to local technology start-ups and global companies, expects to attract an increasing number of companies from mainland...