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Brand-New Name, Same Great Newspaper

Since 2005, CHEManager Europe has established itself as one of the leading newspapers for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Now it's time to reflect our growth in our name: Starting in 2014, CHEManager Europe will become CHEManager International.

Under the new name, CHEManager International will continue to supply top-level managers and executives with insightful interviews with leading industry decision makers; in-depth articles on the newest trends and developments; and the latest happenings on the market.
Leading personalities from the areas of scientific research, business and politics continue to turn to CHEManager International in order to express their views on all topics relevant in the field.
With a circulation of 20,000, CHEManager International is the ideal marketing tool for products and services targeted towards the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
With our online portal,, readers can enjoy CHEManager International no matter where they are in the world.

CHEManager International: Based in Europe, connected with the world.

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Strategy & Management

Evolving an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

11.09.2020 -

We are in the midst of a start-up revolution. The growth of innovation-driven start-up activity is profound and global in scope, and it is a driving force of change even...


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