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Covestro Opens New Polycarbonate Copolymers Plant

28.03.2024 -

Covestro has inaugurated its first plant that can produce polycarbonate copolymers on an industrial scale at its Antwerp, Belgium site. The company’s new platform...


ADNOC Increases Bid to €11.3 Billion for Covestro

22.12.2023 -

ADNOC plans to increase its bid for German chemical company Covestro, aiming to diversify its portfolio beyond oil and gas


Covestro Breaks Ground on New TPU Production Site in China

29.09.2023 -

Covestro broke ground on its new thermoplastics polyurethanes (TPU) production site in Zhuhai, China, following the announced investment in February. It will be built in...


Covestro Agrees to Negotiations with ADNOC

11.09.2023 -

Following reports at the end of June that Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) was looking for takeover targets in Europe and was showing strong interest in Covestro in...


Covestro Completes Construction of New Polyurethane Dispersions Site in Shanghai

28.08.2023 -

Covestro has completed construction on a new production facility for polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) in Shanghai, China.


Covestro Opens New Elastomer Plant in China

08.08.2023 -

Covestro began production in its new Shanghai plant for polyurethane elastomers systems following the groundbreaking in the summer of 2022. The investment, in the double...


Neste, Covestro and SK Geo Centric Partner on PU Feedstock

22.06.2022 -

A collaboration between Neste, Covestro and SK Geo Centric aims to use renewable raw materials to produce MDI – a key feedstock for polyurethane production.

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemistry is ... Racing Sustainably

15.07.2019 - Electric vehicles do not only prevent local emissions, they can also be fun. Founded in 2012, the German E.Stall Esslingen team is participating in various international events of...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Pushing the Boundaries for a Sustainable World

09.07.2019 - Increased Sustainability The development of a functioning circular economy and improved management of limited fossil resources, primarily crude oil are the central points for...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Charging Stations in Cologne Could Become a Role Model for Energy Balance

30.01.2014 - Sustaining Our Big Cities - More and more people across the globe are living in cities - a big challenge for the preservation of limited fossil fuels. High on the agenda is...


Science Driven By the Market

22.02.2013 - When new company chieftains say they want to be a catalyst for change, many listeners brush it off as a tired cliché. Patrick Thomas is proof that it needn't be. Stepping into his...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

CO2 as New Carbon Source for Chemical Industry

07.03.2012 - Hidden Value - If one thinks about coal-fired power plants, what is it that comes first into one's mind? The picture of high-value starting materials or rather the picture of low...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Bayer MaterialScience Develops Photopolymer Films for Industrial Applications

16.02.2012 - VIP - Visions In Plastics Holographic information can be "embedded" onto photopolymer films using laser beams. Bayer MaterialScience has developed films that are suitable for...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Solutions for Global Megatrends

09.12.2011 - Is it possible to strike a balance between megatrends like climate protection and rising global mobility? What possibilities do plastics offer for increasing the range of electric...


Bayer Materialscience Adds ‘Muscle’ to Portfolio

14.04.2010 - Bayer Materialscience's (BMS) March acquisition of electroactive polymers pioneer Artificial Muscle, Inc. (AMI) could not have come at a better time. The organic and printed...


Bayer Materialscience Acquires Artificial Muscle, Inc.

12.03.2010 - Bayer Materialscience LLC, a subsidiary of Bayer and part of the global Bayer Materialscience business, has acquired Artificial Muscle, Inc. (AMI) of Sunnyvale, California. AMI is...


Bayer MaterialScience Planning New World-Scale TDI Plant at Dormagen Site

10.03.2010 - Bayer MaterialScience plans to invest roughly €150 million in a new high-tech production plant for TDI (toluene diisocyanate) at Chempark Dormagen. TDI is a precursor for the...


Bayer MaterialScience:World’s Largest Carbon Nanotube Pilot Facility

01.02.2010 - Bayer MaterialScience has opened a new pilot facility for the manufacture of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) at Chempark Leverkusen (Germany). The company has invested some €22 million in...

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Doing the Tango at the Stadium

Covestro AG - What do the tango, which originates in Latin America, and the official soccer ball of the same name for this year's European Soccer Championship have in common? A variety of steps...



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