GDCh - Fachgruppe VCW (Association for Chemistry and Economics)

We founded the Association for Chemistry and Economics as a Division of the GDCh. It emerged after three years of construction work of the Working Group "Chemistry and Industry".

Our vision is to combine natural sciences, especially chemistry, and economics. An important goal here is the formation of an international chemical industry network. Our profile provides further information on the aims and purposes of the association.

The association aims to address chemists, natural scientists and engineers as well as other people connected to chemistry or the chemical industry. This spectrum can be found among the members of our association.

To achieve our goals, we need the support and cooperation of many individuals. We would be delighted if you were interested in the VCW and we would like to encourage you to get in touch with us.

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Strategy & Management

CO2-Neutral Chemical Industry by 2050

09.03.2021 -

The European Chemical Industry has set out on an ambitious path to become carbon neutral. Germany, as one of the major chemical manufacturing nations, has committed to...

Strategy & Management

Proactively Shaping the Transformation Path

04.12.2020 -

The goal of a CO2-neutral chemical industry in 2050 is comparable with a 30 year marathon – but at sprint speed. So we have to find the best route to this common goal...

Strategy & Management

Agile Management in the Chemical Industry

06.12.2019 -

The consulting business has a new bandwagon: agility or agile management. Should the chemical industry jump on it or should we let it pass by?

Strategy & Management

Navigating in the VUCA Business Environment

27.02.2018 -

Times are changing, and we are changing in them. An old saying that goes back to Ovid - but still true today. The business world has become more VUCA (volatile, uncertain...

Markets & Companies

Brexit Means Brexit

12.06.2017 -

Many questions – few answers and a long and uncertain time line for the fog to lift from the new “Channel” between the UK and the EU27.


Picture Competition – A Year in the Lab: The Chemist's View

02.05.2013 -

he JungChemikerForum (JCF),, and the Vereinigung für Chemie und Wirtschaft (VCW) invite chemists to submit a picture showing in a creative way the...


Chemical Organizations Issue Calendar for International Year of Chemistry

24.08.2010 -

According to the International Year of Chemistry (IYC) in 2011, the European Young Chemists Network (EYCN), the German Jungchemikerforum (JCF) and the society for...


The Chemical Industry in the Middle East in 2020

26.05.2010 -

The chemical industry in the Middle East is at a critical point in its development.


GDCh - Fachgruppe VCW (Association for Chemistry and Economics)

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