GEFO Gesellschaft für Oeltransporte mbH

GEFO was founded in 1961, in the northern German port city of Hamburg. Written out in full, the name GEFO translates as Company for Oil Transport Ltd*, which shows just how far we have grown since the 60s. What began as an exclusively inland operation barging oil on the Rhine is now a thriving international network specialising in chemical liquids, LPG´s, liquid gases, mineral oil and worldwide bunker trading.

* GEFO: GEsellschaft Für Oeltransporte mbH

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Logistics & Supply Chain

GEFO invests €400 million

11.05.2022 -

The shipping company Gefo is building a range of new specialized tankers at shipyards in China, Turkey, Romania and the Netherlands.


GEFO Gesellschaft für Oeltransporte mbH

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