ChemOutsourcing 2024

September 3 – 6, 2024 | ChemOutsourcing conference and associated exhibition is one of the leading US events for buyers of intermediates and APIs and services for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Event location: Parsippany/NJ, USA
Country: United States

ChemOutsourcing is the largest USA-based API show attracting annually 700-800 chemists, business development personnel and buyers from the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and chemistry services industries. The show focuses on API development spanning early drug discovery through chemical development and commercial supply.

Attendees include CEOs as well as researchers, synthesis and process chemists, project and business development managers, and buyers and sellers from major international pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers and contract research, development and synthesis organizations (CDMOs/CMOs).

Presentations, lectures, roundtables and panel discussions will cover the entire chemical spectrum - from the development of pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to their production. The conference and associated exhibition featuring leading chemical suppliers will provide attendees with a wealth of information and networking opportunities.

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