Domo Takes Stake in Group M.A.M.

02.03.2018 -

Belgian chemicals and plastics producer Domo Chemicals has taken an undisclosed stake in Group Michiels Advanced Materials (Group M.A.M.) as part of a partnership on specialty film coating. Financial terms were not revealed.

The companies aim to develop innovative products in the film market. “Our main focus is the high-end window film market,” said Luc Michiels, Group M.A.M.’s CEO. “The application of the high-end film coating on glazing applications fits perfectly into the new EU Energy Performance and Building Directive to introduce new materials which significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions at European level.”

Alex Segers, CEO of Domo Chemicals, added that Group M.A.M.’s solutions also offers tremendous opportunities in the automotive market, which is one of Domo’s key market segments. “The advanced lightweight film glazing solution significantly improves thermal management of a car and as such increases the driving range (automony) of electric vehicles.  By reducing the need of heat or cooling under differing weather conditions the battery autonomy increases in a spectacular way,” he explained.

Group M.A.M. is a specialist in sputter coating, namely the application of very thin coatings on film by vacuum deposition. Along with its core knowhow in window film technologies, the company also has process and product expertise in barrier films, solar energy, specialty packaging, and building and construction products.