Invista Celebrates Another China Infringement Win

23.06.2016 -

US nylon producer Invista has won another intellectual property (IP) arbitration against an undisclosed Chinese company for misusing its proprietary PTA technology. Invista said the result was encouraging and continued its track record of winning infringement cases in several jurisdictions and venues.

This is the fifth case in the past five years that Invista has won or resolved in China, Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as in US state and federal courts, which relates to either its PTA or butanediol technology.

“We are glad to see that our intellectual property protection initiatives in China align well with the government’s increased enforcement of these rights,” commented Mike Pickens, president of Invista Performance Technologies. He noted that it was during this most recent arbitration that the company introduced its new P8 PTA process and affirmed that Invista would take similar steps to protect this latest generation technology.

In July 2015, Jiaxing Petrochemical, part of China’s Tongkun Group, licensed the P8 process for its second PTA line in Zhejiang province.