Novozymes and Attis in Ethanol Pact

24.01.2019 -

Danish biotechnology company Novozymes has agreed to collaborate with Attis Industries to optimize the US company’s process for making cellulosic ethanol.

Under the deal, Novozymes will supply the enzymes that Attis requires to convert pulp into sugar at all of its planned biorefineries.

Attis has already successfully converted the pulp extracted from its patented biomass process into sugar using Novozymes’ proprietary enzymes. The sugars will in turn be used to produce cellulosic ethanol, which is set to see rising demand as a result of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Renewable Fuel Standard. The partners will first focus on improving the technology’s value, yields and process efficiencies.

The Milton, Georgia-based company said it believes there is a tremendous market opportunity to combine its biomass technology with the Danish group’s enzymes to forge a new standard for renewable fuel production in the US. It noted that the current Renewal Fuel Standard calls for the production of 16 billion gallons of cellulosic biofuels by 2022, but said the industry has not been able to consistently produce 1 billion gallons on an annual basis.

“Attis is very excited about forming a partnership with Novozymes for the efficient production of ethanol at future biorefineries,” said Jeff Cosman, CEO of Attis Industries. “We look forward to growing our relationship as we continue the deployment of our biorefineries across the country.”

Last July, Attis announced it had selected Barnesville, Georgia, as the site for its first commercial-scale biorefinery. The facility will be designed to process and convert 200 dry t/d of biomass into a range of bio-based products, including pulp, sugar, lignin and chemicals.

The company said in May 2018 that it had approved six sites to buy and build its proposed biorefineries. As well as Georgia, they include Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky and Minnesota.