Technip and BTG BioLiquids in Pyrolysis Pact

30.08.2016 -

French contractor Technip and Dutch biomass technology company BTG BioLiquids (BTL) have signed an exclusive collaboration agreement. Under the terms of the deal, Technip will provide engineering, procurement and construction services for modular pyrolysis plants based on BTL’s Fast Pyrolysis Oil (FPO) process. The technology mixes biomass particles and hot sand in a reactor, which transforms the material into pyrolysis oil suitable for use as an alternative to fossil fuels for producing renewable energy and chemicals. 

BTL designed and now operates one of the world’s first FPO plants in Overijssel, the Netherlands. The facility, which went on stream in 2015 at a cost of nearly €20 million, uses clean wood as feedstock. Stan Knez, president of Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, said the agreement will allow it to better respond to future green projects, linking biomass with the petrochemical and refining industries.

For BTL, the deal will enable the launch of a global roll-out of the technology and offer turnkey pyrolysis plants and services to industrial companies that wish to develop new bio-sourced applications. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.