Thomas Swan and NGI in Graphene Partnership

03.08.2016 -

UK performance and specialty chemicals company Thomas Swan has partnered with the National Graphene Institute (NGI) at the University of Manchester, UK, to accelerate research and commercialization of graphene and other 2D materials. Thomas Swan will supply 2D products to NGI scientists to support early stage research projects and scale-up for prototyping of new technologies. NGI will give feedback on Thomas Swan’s products and identify opportunities for future improvement.

Since the discovery of graphene in 2004, a family of new atomically thin materials has been discovered, potentially offering superior properties. These include boron nitride – or white graphene – which is a very effective thermal insulator. Researchers at NGI have used boron nitride to create a thermal paste that allows electronics to operate at much lower temperatures than is the case with current technology. The discovery opens up new possibilities for higher performance electronics with longer lifespans.

The NGI’s graphene business director, James Baker, said 2D materials offer new avenues for exploitation. He commented: “Now it’s important to ensure our understanding of other 2D materials is sound and look to scale up and develop these amazing new materials which could have untold impact on industry in conjunction with graphene.”

Due to their unusual characteristics, 2D materials have potential applications in electronic devices, sensors, electrodes, nanocomposites and catalysis.