US Engineers Dominate List of Starting Salaries

10.05.2013 -

Engineering graduates in the US continued to dominate the list of starting salaries in the latest survey published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Engineers took seven of the top ten spots in NACE's April survey, which is based on data from 400,000 US employers. Petroleum engineers earned the most with an average starting salary of $93,500 (£60,323). Chemical engineering graduates were ranked third, after computer engineers, with a healthy starting salary of $67,600 (£43,612).

Overall, engineering starting salaries in the US rose by 4% to $62,535 (£40,345). Leading non-engineering disciplines included computer science ($64,800/£41,806) and finance ($57,400/£37,032).

In the UK, chemical engineering graduates enjoy similarly high starting salaries. The Institution of Chemical Engineers' (IChemE) annual salary survey, published in July 2012, indicated graduates typically could expect to earn £28,000 ($43,400) in their first year.

IChemE chief executive, David Brown, said: ""This latest data shows the high regard and status of engineering and chemical engineering in the US.

This appeal is reflected in the UK as well. Record numbers of students are enrolling on IChemE degree courses. Over the past decade student intake numbers have grown by 134% driven by the remuneration and job satisfaction of a discipline that brings huge benefits to everyday life."