AgBiome and Lamberti Collaborate on Crop Protection

19.01.2022 - US biotech AgBiome and Italy’s Lamberti are collaborating to develop biological crop protection solutions. AgBiome has expertise in discovering and commercializing new biological active ingredients for agriculture, while Lamberti supplies formulation technology and specialized chemistry.

AgBiome and Lamberti are committed to providing farmers and growers worldwide with crop protection products that are both highly effective and sustainable,” said Eric Ward, co-CEO of AgBiome. “This joint development agreement validates the global demand for innovative products to reduce synthetic inputs while maintaining the soil’s microbial diversity that leads to better yield.”

“The joint development agreement with AgBiome will expand Lamberti’s offering and involvement in the bio-based products area, allowing us to contribute to a more sustainable product line and natural materials,” added Ciro Ruggiero, global director of Lamberti’s agriculture division.

Lamberti has plants and affiliates in Europe, North America, Latin America, India and Asia-Pacific, and its core technologies include oleochemistry, and natural and synthetic polymers. The company also offers a variety of co-formulants and adjuvants to improve the formulation and bio-efficacy of products used by the agricultural industry.

Last March, AgBiome entered into an agreement with BASF to bring a new biological fungicide to Europe, as well as key countries in the Middle East and Africa. Developed by AgBiome – and marketed as Howler in the US – the fungicide has multiple modes of action that prevent long-lasting activity on a broad spectrum of soilborne and foliar diseases, like pythium, fusarium, rhizoctonia and botrytis, among others.

BASF is supporting the fungicide’s further development and registration and will be the exclusive distributor in the EMEA region. First market introductions in selected countries are expected in 2024/2025, subject to successful registrations.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist